Supply & Demand

This week for reading everyone in LS1 did the same one we were learning about supply & demand.

First we split into our A & B groups because we were doing HPE to so Group A went to HPE first & then we went to shotput & then after that we went to play dogtail.

Next we came back inside to switch with group B & then Miss Tele’a started explaining what we have to do & then we went off to do our reading i was finished because it was so easy.

Laslty i was done blogging & then put it onto my reading folder & then publish it to my blog & link it to my must do list

What Is Prototype?

A prototype is the first version of your product that you make. It’s the one all the others that you might make in a factory are based on.

First I had to make a copy of the DLO.

Next I had to write what prototype means.

After that I traced an image.It was fun.

Lastly I had to show ms Tele’a and blog/Published.

I enjoyed Tracing.I did well on decorting my DLO.I need to improve on tracing.


This Week I have been learning about how to throw a discus.It is important to know how to throw a discus because if you don’t know how to throw it and you try to throw it then you will hurt someone.

First Ms Erasummas teached us how to throw a discues.

Next the girls and the boys both had there seperate area to practise for the inter school.

Lastly I went back to my class and wrote this blog and published.

I enjoyed having fun.

I did well on throwing the discus.

I need to improve on holding the discus properly

Film Review

Characters from different books come into Glenbrae school and find out that one of the characters books is not finished. 

We don’t know if he is going to finish the book

Yes I do

Tom and Billy.

Matilda because she is a girl and because she likes to red like me.


My favorite part was when billy wakes up and finishes the story. Why Because I like the music.

Three years and up

A teen group so I know if I like this one or the teen one Older Kids

Why? Because It is kind of their thing.

This term we have been revising our knowledge of decimal numbers.  This week we started our unit on Money.  Knowing your place value and decimal numbers is really important when you are using or working with money.The main point our teacher wanted us to remember this week is that 100 cents goes into 1 dollar.  Our tasks this week were to…

I did well at thinking the right answer.

I need to improve on take my time.

I enjoyed working with my teacher.